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Agfa Graphics came to ITL in 2003 with a specific and immediate problem – generating support and attendance for a roadshow aimed specifically at gaining market share from their competitors. They were so impressed with the results that the relationship continued for another 6 years, ending only when Agfa changed its marketing strategy after the international economic crash of 2008/9.

As well as ad hoc projects like the roadshow and several new product launches, ITL served as Agfa’s telemarketing arm on a regular monthly basis. For example:

Mailshot activities

Agfa had a mailing list of 20,000 contacts which was used for monthly newsletters and mailshots sent by post. However consolidation within the print industry, together with a steady stream of failed businesses, meant that a relatively high number of mailings were returned undelivered each month at a significant postage cost.

ITL were initially engaged on a straightforward project to clean up the database in a way that identified who within the existing database fitted the specific target profile and to reconfirm the identity of the business owner or managing director. Clearly, this exercise involved talking directly to these companies and had to be handled rather more sensitively than a simple PAF clean via the post office.

Over time the mailing list was reduced to 8,000 named and relevant users at a considerable monthly printing and postage saving. Moreover, ITL’s in house CRM system, kept detailed information about each company on, for example, the print format, type of platesetter, workflow and proofing systems, enabling us to generate focused lists for targeted mailshots, at short notice, making them even more relevant and productive.

Generating new business appointment

About the time of the roadshow in 2003, Agfa decided to outsource their telemarketing, so they asked ITL to take on the role of setting up new business appointments for their sales team.

ITL’s proven process uncovered new sales opportunities worth many thousands per month, which existing in house lead generation exercises had not been able to uncover.  

Sales Team Support

Both Agfa’s sales management and the sales reps themselves came to value ITL’s contribution to their success so highly that ITL’s Operations Director, and their dedicated Account Manager, were regularly requested to participate in their Sales meetings.

The personal relationships that our Account Manager built with Agfa’s salespeople developed to the point where not only were ITL generating leads and appointments, we were offering the sort of encouragement and support that can only happen between trusted and liked colleagues.

The Systems Sales Manager was quite clear: the relationships with the reps was one of the things he considered very important – important enough to specifically mention it when ITL asked him what particular value he put on our relationship with Agfa – over and above the additional revenue derived over 6 years.

CRM System management

We have already touched on ITL’s CRM system which drove all these successful activities. What we haven’t mentioned when the relationship ended, ITL had seamlessly merged all the unique and essential data that we held for them into the new global database provided for them by their Head Office in Belgium. They could now continue to reap the benefits of the incidental but vital information we had gleaned for them over the years, and the personal relationships we had built with their customers and prospects.

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