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Like the rest of their industry, Nikon sells to both domestic and professional end users via a distributor network (usually camera shops). This means it is difficult a) to tell who the end users actually are, b) why they choose to buy a given product at a given time, and c) to influence the purchase decision.

No database existed of professional photographers in the UK. Nikon wanted to create a database of professional end users in both the private and public sectors. ITL were engaged to create an accurate list because it was (and still is) really difficult to tell who are “real” professional photographers and who are hopeful amateurs, so the people being spoken to had to be carefully questioned.

ITL built the largest and most accurate list of professional camera user companies in the UK.  In addition, ITL were able to glean a great deal of detailed and specific preference and behavioural information, which meant they could recommend specific strategies. These were adopted. This led to a “significant” increase in revenues for Nikon, and a five year partnership with ITL, still ongoing.

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