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Our People

Other than being academically qualified it is important to us that our people have personality and a life outside of work. Here’s what some of our team do…

Simon Webb

Simon is MD of ITL and a Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing. The Webb family hold a majority shareholding in ITL.

Away from the office Simon relaxes by fencing, came 6th in the British Veteran Championship in 2010 and currently represents England in the Vet’s team.

He also enjoys good wine and real ale, so in order to maintain this high standard of fencing he can be found at the gym after work three days a week.  

John Rees

John is a shareholder and Operations Director in ITL, and a qualified Quality Auditor.

Like Simon, he also is an accomplished ex county champion fencer, specialising in the épée. This can make differences of opinion in Board meetings uncommonly exciting. He now coaches up to 40 people at the local fencing club.

Most weekends he can be found tramping round the countryside, or crafting knives on his home forge. He enjoys most aspects of the outdoors, and owns and flies a Harris hawk. 

Karen Webb

Karen has been married to Simon for over 25 years and is the ITL Human Resources and Finance Director.

Karen is interested in what makes people tick, which is quite useful in marketing! She studied both psychology and comparative religion, and is one of the leading Enneagram practitioners and teachers in the UK. Author of ‘Principles of The Enneagram’, she runs an active programme of training courses which can be found at http://www.theenneagrams.co.uk.

Debra Olsen

Debra is a senior business development consultant in ITL and is originally from Michigan in the USA. She holds an MA in psychology from John F Kennedy University, Orinda USA, and is a qualified Enneagram teacher.

She has always been a keen Green Bay Packers fan, but having moved to the UK and married a Welshman she has discovered the joys of Rugby. This is a broadly similar game but without the padding, helmets and constant breaks for TV adverts.

She is a member of the British Horse Loggers, co-owner of a 10 acre wood, and makes greenwood tables and chairs.

Janet Tandy

Janet is a senior business development consultant in ITL. She is married with two sons and a Collie named Connie. She is an accomplished horse rider and riding instructor, in her time having taught boys from Eton.

Most weekends Janet is a drum major and active participant in the Sealed Knot, the leading Civil War re-enactment organisation. As a result she is skilled in managing a large number of people.


For thousands of years, the harvest runestone has been an indication that your destiny is being shaped. Your future, for years to come, rests upon the outcome of events that you can influence right now. It is a call to act decisively, to make things happen and to enjoy the success that this will bring.

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