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There has been a backlash against telemarketing among UK consumers, whose experience has been tainted by the impersonal experience and often terrible service of having to fight with overseas based call centres. Recent surveys indicate that some 6,000 phone numbers are added to the TPS service every day.

This backlash also taints the B2B market, where the number of outbound B2B telemarketing calls being made is rocketing, fueled by the use of predictive dialers. This has led to a dumbing down of the business understanding and skills which are needed for effective outbound telemarketing. As a consequence, telemarketing businesses have been able to reduce their staff costs - but at the expense of lower personalisation of service and less use of targeted and relevant messages. This has led to a reduction in outbound telemarketing’s effectiveness and stronger resistance to receiving calls among the pool of business targets.

This makes it more and more difficult for you to invest wisely in a telemarketing partner. You shouldn’t be interested in how difficult our job is. Despite market perceptions, and the rise of internet marketing, you recognise the value of intelligent personal conversation with real decision makers, resulting in more leads of a better quality and more detailed insights into your niche markets. Using ITL with their team of career business communicators is a wise decision.

ITL was established as an outbound B2B telemarketing specialist in 1996, so has weathered several changes in the marketplace. We decided very early that call centre activity and a one size fits all mentality was not the way forward, so we developed into providing a range of specialist business development services. As a result not every business wanting telemarketing is suitable for us.

We have a clear telemarketing methodology which makes our activities effective in our target markets which has very little in common with a call centre approach. Our typical client requires us to create an intelligent dialogue with their customers and prospects before we start prescribing solutions. This means skilled and articulate business consultants are needed, with time being taken to develop a thorough understanding of your business growth strategy and how outbound telemarketing should contribute to that. As a consequence we prefer to hire intelligent people with no past telesales or call centre experience and teach them our proven approach.   

Our staff turnover is very low, with our most recent member of staff having been with us since January 2004. We believe this is because not only do we train our people thoroughly, but unusually we also give them autonomy and responsibility for the whole duration of each client job. This has a number of benefits. It makes their work more interesting, they tend to build a close working relationship with their clients, and they often become very proactive concerning how to achieve the objectives agreed. Oh, and they stay with us.

ITL’s founder Simon Webb has been in the industry since the early 1980s. He held a variety of roles with the Programmes Group, leading to being appointed managing director of a wholly owned software consultancy subsidiary. Karen worked for the same organisation, running a team of 50 providing management and communication skills training. Programmes believed a vital part of everyone’s induction programme was that they started training on the phones until they reached a company standard of customer interaction. As a result, Simon and Karen have practical experience as well as a theoretical understanding of the challenges of actually making calls every day.

You simply want a partner who can provide more leads of a better quality and more detailed insights into your niche markets. Using ITL is a wise decision. Contact Us for an informal chat.


For thousands of years, the harvest runestone has been an indication that your destiny is being shaped. Your future, for years to come, rests upon the outcome of events that you can influence right now. It is a call to act decisively, to make things happen and to enjoy the success that this will bring.

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