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Outbound Telemarketing: What do you want to achieve?

We have a team of UK based, highly skilled permanent staff who provide product and market benchmarking, market evaluation services, customer value proposition scoping, database cleansing generation and purchase, and business infrastructure change planning.

 - Oh, and outbound telemarketing.

Which services are relevant to your specific need depends on what you want to achieve, your timescale and your budget. We are not prescriptive, and tailor our approach to your specific needs and budget to support your organization and achieve the fastest return on your spend with us. We may become your telemarketing department, a seamless part of your organisation; or we can supplement and support your in-house telemarketing.

Our team believes that we are in the business of delighting customers with our results, not just carrying out tasks.

So what do you want to achieve? Any, some or all of the following may be required, but let’s look at them in turn.

  • Product and market benchmarking – You may not be clear about trends in the markets you serve and where you could have competitive advantage 
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  • Market evaluation services -  You might be worried that the opportunities in your market don’t fit that well with the product offerings and propositions you currently have, or not be sure about the size of the opportunity before you
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  • Customer value proposition scoping – We develop or refine the arguments you use to persuade customers, to see more value in what you sell compared to your competitors
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  • Database cleansing generation and purchase – Your data and business information supports your drive for more sales of a better quality. We ensure it is reliable and robust, and we are often asked to consolidate and de-duplicate multiple data sets into a single centralised location.   
  • Launching and sustaining an effective CRM system – You may know a good CRM system is invaluable, but can’t find one that works for your company – or find that the people for whose benefit you introduced it don’t use it. A very common problem with introducing or changing a CRM system is that the users see themselves as having to put too much work into it before they see any results. Often they give up before the system is working, or adopt shortcuts which lead to major problems down the line. We help you decide which system is best for your needs, and help you set it up in such a way that people see the benefit and make good use of it.
  • Outbound telemarketing -  Delivered professionally and to clear objectives, with regular summaries of activity to the ROI milestones agreed.

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