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Benchmarking & Market Evaluation

You may well not need this service in your situation or your market. You may be happy with your understanding of what’s actually going on in your customers’ minds and why you don’t sell more than you do: you may simply want more leads to follow up and we are delighted to help with that.

However, Integrated Telemarketing’s benchmarking and market evaluation services are about establishing the actual size of your market opportunity and how you can best capitalise on it compared to your competitors.  It looks hard at how both your Company and the products and services you sell are perceived in your target markets, because the results found may directly influence what you do next and how much you spend on it. 

You can only get a definitive, unbiased idea of the opportunity by careful, intelligent questioning of the customers and prospects in your marketplace. If you do this yourselves you are likely to get biased answers and a skewed report because of the relationships your staff will have with players in the market. Remember, this understanding may influence what you do next so you need it to be as accurate as possible.

Benchmarking and market evaluation services can be carried out in a number of ways from online questionnaires, to open surveys where the respondents know questions are asked on behalf of you, to fully confidential surveys where you remain anonymous.

The fact that we are business development specialists and not steeped in technical aspects of your products or market means that we approach your potential customers with a degree of innocence and ask the “silly” questions that make respondents think afresh about what they really think.

There are two points here:

  • You receive a valuable understanding of what is really in people’s minds
  • We can unlock information that a salesman with his relationships with your customers will not. Sales people are wired differently and have their own skill set. They are chasing sales not managing marketing. They can provide a view of the marketplace, but their view will be more subjective than ours will be. If they get a no they move on to the next target, and the data of the specific, objective circumstances of that “no” become merged into a salesman’s overall opinions. We get a no and it’s recorded along with the detailed reasons why. In this way, benchmarking and market evaluation work provides a bridge between sales and marketing activity.

Final thought: what is sales management meant to do?

(And what’s that question got to do with benchmarking and market evaluation?)

Could we suggest that good sales management is meant to help sales people achieve results, not just police them and make them do paperwork?  Think of the end result of benchmarking and market evaluation as being a very clear idea of what an ideal customer looks like and how to get them.

Part of our job is then to fill in gaps in your sales and marketing process, making more efficient use of your resources and from telemarketing services, creating better quality leads for your sales men to follow up. This means more effective sales people, from management that is effective. Here’s some case studies. Contact Simon or John to discuss whether we can help in this area. 


For thousands of years, the harvest runestone has been an indication that your destiny is being shaped. Your future, for years to come, rests upon the outcome of events that you can influence right now. It is a call to act decisively, to make things happen and to enjoy the success that this will bring.

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