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How We Work

Driving better value from your business relationships

Despite the range of services ITL provides, the Company is still sometimes grouped with less capable competitors as simply another outbound telemarketer.

“Telemarketing” is often perceived as merely a tactical task to be carried out as and when needed, without any thought for the context in which it is used. Of course we are happy to simply & cost effectively fulfil a tactical need, but we believe it is responsible to help our clients consider the broader context of how benefit is to be delivered from the results of that telemarketing.

Whilst telemarketing is of course an important component of the services ITL provide, we never lose sight of the commercial drivers for it and how a payback on your investment with us is going to be driven from our activities. This means that ideally telemarketing is far from simply an ad hoc tactical process.

We don’t believe our clients want telemarketing per se, they actually want a steady stream of better value business relationships.

We treat telemarketing as a vital component of information gathering and commercial opportunity generation activities, delivered to defined goals. 

So, “Better value business relationships”?

If this is the real goal from our activities many questions can be raised. The value you will drive from the opportunities we find will depend on how effectively you drive value from the opportunities you have now. A simple review with us of why you think you want telemarketing can often highlight unrealised revenue opportunities and allow us to provide a slant on what we should be doing to provide a faster return on your investment with us. It will also define how we work – for you. Click here for some example case studies.

How we work

We are happy to work in whatever way is most appropriate to your business challenge. Although we try to minimise the time you need us for, contracts may be short and sharp or longer term. We have the specialist resources for anything from a couple of days and we’re done, to a retainer over a period of time – whether that’s 1 or 20 days a month, or fluctuates according to your market. The perfect plan would look like this: 

  1. Gain an in depth understanding of your product or service offering
  2. Review your market proposition – if we understand how your product is positioned in the marketplace both in terms of customer perception and against your competitors we are better able to find words that work  
  3. Review your existing data – where is it, how clean is it, whether there is enough of it of a good enough quality, what if anything we need to do to improve its quality
  4. Agree commercial objectives and ROI – Discuss how this project fits with your existing company strategy, define the goals, objectives, benefits and weekly or monthly deliverables of the project, agree how ROI will be calculated. - The awkward but vital questions….
  5. Agree the messages to be used -  and/or information to be gathered to support the business objectives
  6. Start work – whether that’s simply picking up the phone to contact a known and up-to-date database, or conducting extensive desktop research before we pick up the phone - and provide regular summaries of activity to the ROI goals agreed
  7. Review and refine processes – as we go, and at agreed stages

Remember, we are happy to carry out just tactical outbound telemarketing but we would recommend the above process as most likely to reduce your risk, increase our effectiveness and make you more money. Contact us to find out how.


For thousands of years, the harvest runestone has been an indication that your destiny is being shaped. Your future, for years to come, rests upon the outcome of events that you can influence right now. It is a call to act decisively, to make things happen and to enjoy the success that this will bring.

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