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ROI: The ratio of money gained from an investment to the amount of money invested.

Your investment with us has to work and has to be seen to work.

When establishing whether we should work together, ITL has a strong and clear focus on how we will prove our services are cost effective and show a return on investment within an appropriate time frame. What an appropriate time frame actually is in your case will depend on your specific objectives and your budget.

As the project progresses we provide regular feedback to track how we are performing against these agreed objectives. This provides transparency on how your investment is being spent, and builds trust in us.

Return on investment is easier to calculate under some circumstances than it is under others. When we achieve things such as a greater number of sales leads generated, a significant increase in average order value, or improved quotes generated to orders converted rate, then the ROI is straightforward to quantify.

However we often find from talking to our clients that those aren’t the core issues stopping profitable business growth.

The underlying problem is often that you are under constant price and/or perception pressure. Your only way to minimise these pressures is to create differentiation in the minds of your customers between you and your competitors. But often our clients don’t understand enough about their competitors activities, their market positioning or the market itself to be able to establish how to sell against their competitors.

“If you want to defeat your enemy do not attack his army, attack his strategy”

Sun Tzu, 2nd Century BC Chinese General and author of The Art of War (still in print)

In many cases our clients do not want outbound telemarketing per se, they want longer term more profitable customer relationships. We have case studies which prove that this has been the biggest and most significant return on investment from working with us. This is a result of us thinking about your customers and helping you to understand and position more effective solutions for them which differentiate you from your competitors. If you are going to achieve this you need a level of market understanding and competitive positioning which can be difficult to achieve without external help.   

While its easy to see the benefit of this kind of activity, the return on investment can be more difficult to quantify in numbers, and certainly more difficult to describe in a few words here.

Equally, in your situation all that is required may be simple outbound telemarketing. With ITL’s skill set we are ideally positioned to provide effective telemarketing that provides a clear ROI.

Contact us to explore the options.


For thousands of years, the harvest runestone has been an indication that your destiny is being shaped. Your future, for years to come, rests upon the outcome of events that you can influence right now. It is a call to act decisively, to make things happen and to enjoy the success that this will bring.

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