Color Mixing: How to Mix Brown Acrylic Paint

The color brown. To those who like to paint in bright, vibrant colors, brown can seem a little bit boring. It can bring to mind sensible shoes and wool suits. But brown is actually a beautiful, multihued color that is essential in our everyday lives.

Brown is actually an important color in our lives. Brown tones are present in everything from hair color, to skin color, to landscapes and even our morning coffee and secret chocolate snack during the day.

These are fairly common items but you may not have thought of brown hues in other things such as the stamen in the center of a flower or the color of the sand on your beach scene.

Knowing how to mix the perfect shade of brown will help you to achieve a more realistic look or get the perfect tone in your abstract piece.

The following article will provide some helpful tips for choosing what colors to use to make brown acrylic paint and then give you an example of how these different combinations will look on paper or canvas.

I have also included a color chart with the most popular mixes at the end of this post. You can download it and print it for future reference if you wish.

These are just a few mixes, there are so many different colors of brown you can mix that I could fill pages with charts.To learn more about Diamond Dotz visit

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Mix the Perfect Brown for Your Painting

How to Mix Brown Acrylic Paint

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red, blue and yellow paint with palette knife showing how to mix brown paint from primary colors

Using primary colors to mix brown paint.

Using Color Theory to Mix Brown Paint

In order to properly mix paint colors you will need to know a little bit about color theory. Boring I know, but here is why it’s necessary to know.

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The simple answer for how to mix brown is to combine yellow, red and blue in equal amounts. But then you would have a very dull muddy color and all of your trees would be the same shade with no variations in value.

Hair and skin tones would be flat and you probably wouldn’t have the right color for that old sea chest you want to paint or the lovely mahogany table in your still life painting.

Using colors that are very similar to each other can create an unappealing artwork because the viewer’s eye won’t be able to distinguish where one shade begins and another ends.

Knowing how to mix all of those subtle hues of a color will give you an endless palette of colors to use in your painting. I will just give you the basics of color theory so you can get on with mixing your perfect brown.

If you want to go further in depth with these topics I have articles on Color Theory, Complementary Colors and Warm and Cool Colors that you can check out.

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