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Enhance Your Blogging Using Featured Writers

It doesn’t matter how much of an expert you are in any given field, there are times when your blogging efforts could use a different perspective. One way to get a different perspective is by publishing content from guest or featured writers.

Guest and featured writers are, in my view, slightly different. A guest writer is someone who does just that. They are a guest who writes and article on a specific topic. This topic is often one that is associated with their own site and is written as much to gain links and traffic to their own site as it is to add value to your own site.

A featured writer on the other hand is someone whom you may employ or remunerate in some fashion who has is a specialist in a particular area of your niche. As a featured writer they have a designated day, either weekly, every two weeks or once a month, the cycle is up to you, for their content to be published.

Although they are specialists in their field, they don’t have to be famous or particularly well known. You can even use one of your current employees – for example, a technician, who can write from a specialists perspective.

I have seen business blogs that use three or four feature writers on a regular basis to provide specialist content. I know for talking to one or two of them, they notice significant spikes in their traffic on the days scheduled for some of their writers.

You can make your blogging a little easier by using featured writers. It will certainly help to ease the content development processes, and, most importantly, provide real value for your visitors.

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