Good SEO Includes A Good Spring Clean Up

Spring is in the air and everywhere you look, people and businesses are going through their annual spring clean up – but what about your website? You should include a regular clean up routine as part of your SEO program and I suggest you should do it more than once per year – perhaps as each season changes, that is, every three months.

So what does a ‘regular clean up’ involve? Glad you asked. The following is a brief run down of what areas you should be looking at.

  • Your links – we covered this topic earlier this week in a post Fix Those Redirects And Broken Links Before They Begin To Hurt. In a nutshell – make sure all your links are working and going to where you intend them to go.
  • Meta Tags – check to make sure your meta tags – first exist and secondly are up to date and relevant to your sites current direction.
  • Search Engines – while you’re at it, check the search engines to see where your pages are ranking and what information is being displayed. Check the snippet to ensure it is well written and attractive to draw a searchers attention.
  • Page Layout – your pages probably looked good when they were first put together. Over time they can start to look a little untidy – or perhaps with the changing fashions those psychedelic colours could use a tone down.
  • Categories – if your site is or includes a blog, have you let your categories blow out. Should you be using tags instead of widening the category list?
  • Information – company information like your address, telephone number, contact email – are they up-to-date? The website always seems to be the last place that gets updated with changed business information. Here in the UK, you could be in breach of business laws if your contact and business information is not up-to-date.
  • Speed – do your web pages load quickly or can I nip out and make a pot of tea and come back just in time to see the last segment loading? Slow pages = lost visitors. There is little argument about that now. If your pages are slow, find out why and fix the issue.

Spring cleaning should be about bringing a freshness to your site. Speeding it up, making it look more attractive to the visitor, and ensuring that everything including links are working and making life easier on the visitors.

Each of the areas mentioned can have a negative effect on your rankings if done poorly. SEO is all about improving those rankings so a good spring clean up should be included in your SEO routine.

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