Social Marketing – Can You Claim To Have Been Everywhere?

Are you a socialite? When it comes to social marketing, some people hit the circuit with a vengeance developing, or trying to develop, a standing on as many social sites as possible. The problem is, social marketing is not about quantity, it is about quality. When I say quality, there are many issues involved. The […]

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Enhance Your Blogging Using Featured Writers

It doesn’t matter how much of an expert you are in any given field, there are times when your blogging efforts could use a different perspective. One way to get a different perspective is by publishing content from guest or featured writers. Guest and featured writers are, in my view, slightly different. A guest writer […]

Blogging SEO

Optimizing For Local Traffic – Foot Traffic That Is

There are many bricks and mortar businesses that develop an online presence as part of their general marketing strategies. Since many people are now turning to the internet to find specific businesses before the leave home, this is becoming a sound business practice. However, are you truly optimized to get that local traffic. We talk […]