PKR-Poker Tournament Leaderboard April 6th

It looks like it’s another week and have we got some more PKR leader boards in store for you! I’m glad you stuck around and decided to keep up on how people are slugging it out in the top ranks currently. There was a lot of jumping around since the last time we took a look at PKR and we’ve got some new faces poking up in the top ten. There were a couple people in the top twenty with some substantial gains so we’ll see where these up and coming players will be going here in the future.

Today in the top ten farryboy moved up two spots to take the number one seat with 12,107 points. This dropped crackku and Dark87 to a respective second and third place. CantBullyMe moves up one spot to fourth place while pokeman84 nips at his heels and moves up one to fifth. Rivero1 didn’t fair so well this time around and dropped two spots to number six. BRANTZ jumped up a place as well to seventh. The eight through ten spots are the most interesting with sactor moving up four spots to number eight, gladheateher moves up 11 spots to break into the top ten at number nine while osteomat moves up three to number ten.

Other notable gains were with deboite45 moving up 41 spots to 11th today and TheMightSwe moving up 66 to hit the number bitcoin blackjack 13 spot. Kingcoles didn’t want to be left behind and moved up 48 spots to number 15. These are some players to keep an eye out for because they’re making noticeable gains every day.

The top ten has changed considerably in the last week and these updates are what happened today, April 6, 2008. This is pretty exciting overall and showcases how quickly these leader boards can change on a given day, and especially over the course of a week. If you have a sudden urge to see how people are doing at any point during the week take a look at this page here: Leaderboard-Calendar to keep yourself updated

Here’s how the entire top twenty panned out today:

Rank Name Chips

1 farryboy 12107.00

2 crackku 9481.25

3 Dark87 8874.85

4 CantBullyMe 7643.50

5 pokeman84 7197.80

6 rivero1 7043.05

7 BRANTZ 6745.40

8 sactor 6235.80

9 gladheateher 6161.10

10 osteomat 5438.55

11 deboite45 5096.70

12 sparrabush 5035.40

13 TheMighySwe 5012.60

14 PaTrickTonFion 5008.20

15 kingcoles 4898.95

16 Muchacho51 4567.35

17 kraftwerk71 4551.90

18 Mattheuz 4406.30

19 liosi 4380.15

20 TheFugitive 4375.10

So as I said before, make sure you keep posted every week to see how the top players at PKR have changed and which players continually duke it out for the number one seat. We had some pretty considerable gains in the top ten this week to make for some edge of your seat excitement!

If you want to browse the whole list of players and see how everyone is doing take a peek at the entire list here: Today’s Full Leaderboard.

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