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Should Multi-Media Files Be Stored On Site, Or Off Site?

The use of multi-media in the form of photos, audio or video files is growing faster the internet itself. Photos, drawings and other graphics have been used for many years. With services such as YouTube, Flickr and many others, it can often be easier and more convenient to upload your media files and embed them in your web pages from the external source. Is it good SEO.

I tend to think not for a couple of reasons. Photos are a good example. If they are sourced from Flickr, when Google for example, indexes that photo, which link will they index? Ultimately it will only be the source that is indexed, in this case, the Flickr file.

The same could be said for videos. When this happens, no matter how well you have optimized the tags, you will not gain any SEO benefit, in fact their is a distinct possibility you may gain a loss.

If, for any reason, the media file you are embedding is not available, it could cause problems for your web page. Your visitors will certainly find the media file missing.

Storing on your own website circumvents these problems. In fact, if you have several sites including a blog, you may gain a little extra by using the one site as the media host. On the downside, media files take valuable storage space, bandwidth and server load. These issues need to be taken into account.

Overall, there are certainly benefits to storing your media files on site. However, if your files are available for sharing, then you may want to consider both option.

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