Social Marketing – Can You Claim To Have Been Everywhere?

Are you a socialite? When it comes to social marketing, some people hit the circuit with a vengeance developing, or trying to develop, a standing on as many social sites as possible. The problem is, social marketing is not about quantity, it is about quality.

When I say quality, there are many issues involved. The first, and most important, is the relevance of the site to your niche. Relevance can be measured using many different factors. For example, if your site targets an audience of plus 45 year old’s, then a site that targets, or is used primarily by our youth may not be the best place to be.

Finding the right social sites for your products, services, niche, or customer base is the hard part. Once you have identified two or three, your main aim should be to develop a strong and interesting profile. Once you have developed your profile, start to socialize. Some sites allow you troll the members profiles, if they do, look for those that have a reasonable number of ‘friends’ or followers and engage them. Invite them to join your ‘friend’ list and socialize. Don’t hit the marketing button straight away, hit the friendship button first.

Develop a small group of people who you find interesting and who are happy to communicate with you. As that group grows, you can start your marketing. If each of your friends has a large group of friends themselves, you will find they will be asking to join your list, rather than you making the request.

What should be remembered is that every site is different. What works, or is allowed on one site, may not work or be permitted on another. On some sites you can market your brand, on others you will be marketing yourself, and through it your business. In fact, what works for one business probably wont work for another.

Have I made it sound hard? In reality it isn’t. What is needed is time and patience and a willingness to try different approaches and to learn from those that are (or are not), successful.

Don’t try to take traditional marketing approaches into a social site – it wont work and will often lead to you being asked. Think of social marketing as an afternoon social do in your neighborhood. Open marketing will often be frowned upon, but everyone will doing some form of subtle marketing – that’s social marketing in a nutshell.

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