Ha! fooled you, sucka – Hasil HK Hari Ini

took a few days off and you thought i was gone again. no such luck.

working on some new FPS designs, images to come. and … my article was published in two plus two magazine today. a link, you ask? why i just happen to have one right here…

how very exciting. it’s actually spurred me to set a small personal goal of submitting an article or so every month or so … i guess building a bit of a writing portfolio outside of my PTP output would be a good thing.

i have two confessions, one Hasil HK Hari Ini the other not. also, my chair tilts to the left and it drives me fucking insane. that is not a confession, obviously – just the result of a cheap-ass chair. anyhow, on to the soul bearing …

on the non-poker front, i went to blockbuster tonight and rented some videos. this might not seem odd to some of you, but others will understand. to bring those not “in the know” a little closer to “the know” – i am a diehard netflix member and have been since early in the development of netflix. tonight was my first time in a video store in a year, easy. probably two.

but. but! BUT. i liked it and i found two movies right away. there was something nice in a way about my choices being limited, about being able to pick up the box and read the back – the sort of feel you can get for the quality of the film simply by checking out the packaging [sorry mom, i never fully internalized that lesson about not judging books / dvd’s by their cover …]. i guess at heart i have a tinge of luddite-ness as well – i can’t imagine reading a print off of a newspaper instead of the actual printed paper.

#2. i tried paying attention while playing poker the last few days. two tables, no extra windows, nada. it was boring and i still found myself drifting. maybe i just have to work on this one for a bit. i was, in all honesty, kinda hoping for a real quick 180, but apparently i’m barely capable of an 18. i did take some notes, and they weren’t exclusively limited to single word, deprecating comments like “jaaaaaaackaaasssssssss.”

so, you know, there is that.

ok, going to try and squeeze some work in before the need to watch a movie / give up on the day takes over…





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