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This little story comes from WSOP event #14: $1,000 No Limit game online terlengkap with rebuys. Rebuy events with a load of pros playing are more fun to watch than bartender at the Parisian Palace…..OK nevermind, you had to be there for that one, I mean two.

You all know Phil Gordon, what you may not know is that Phil loves to chat, talk, cajole and generally have a good talkative time at the table. You may not know Mike Odeh but to know him is to love him or not. Mike is also a great table talker; so when the two of them were seated at the same table to start the Rebuy event, I thought it might be a good place to hang-out for a spell. Phil was the first to try and convince the table that rebuy meant “loose” as in “if we don’t get some rebuy chips on this table early, we might as well go home, those other tables are moving chips and making those rebuys.”

When a favourite is not a favourite

table appearance as I write. Does Phil really want to be the chip

No family at the table

I sat in a 2-5 blinds no limit hold’em game at the Rio the other day cleaning up the table (which is rare, trust me) Meanwhile, the man to my right busted a player at the other end of the table.

Before he left, the younger player walked over and asked the player to my right, “You about ready to leave?”

And the Parties Begin…

In my post yesterday, I made it sound like the WSOP is all work and no play. But as the main event draws closer, the party scene starts to enfold, reaching fever pitch by the time they say “Shuffle up and deal” to the Championship field. I have taken it upon myself, at great sacrifice, to cover the party scene as part of my PokerBlog responsibilities. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it:)

Last night, I found myself before the large iron gates of Las Vegas’ Parisian Palace. Once through the massive gates and down the long circular drive, I was greeted with paper work. Entering in through the 650 pound mahogany front door required signing a television release form. You see the Parisian Palace is currently home to about a half dozen poker players who are participating in a poker reality television show called “House of Cards.” Most poker players find navigating through the WSOP to be a daunting task. Taking up this challenge while living in a communal setting with cameras in play 24/7 is unfathomable to me.

Greg Raymer is Lying

Tuscaloosa Johnny reports:

Ever since Raymer won the main event with the 8d8s, he has not lost with that hand. He says he now plays those two cards every time, no matter the situation. “I’m not superstitious about anything else,? he said, “but I’m superstitious about that.?

I don’t mean to doubt the distinguished champion and poker ambassador, but I know for a fact this isn’t true. Why? Because I personally cracked his pocket 8s earlier this year. (It was a glorious suckout … and Nolan Dalla owes me something as a result, but I forget what it was … you know, drinky poker.)


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