Mississippi Mud vs. Caribbean Sun – Sihoki

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TUNICA RESORTS, MS–Most of the professional players are sunning themselves in Aruba right now at the UBClassic. From emails and phone calls it appears that very few of them will be making the trek here to the Sihoki Circuit at the Grand. Yes indeed, we have a scheduling conflict.

As more and more tournaments and tours are competing for the attention of the big name players, we have more and more tournaments overlapping with the result that without a $10,000 Main Event and television coverage, you simply will not attract the recognizable faces to an event.

The WSOP Circuit at the Grand has a $5,000 Main Event and no TV, for that reason we expect few professionals to make the trek, which would be a stopover between Aruba and home. What that means, however, is that a lot more local players are making the trip to Tunica. The events at the Grand have been large and larger. The good news for poker, if not for “poker pros” is that more events mean more opportunities for the average and “second tier” pros to compete and hit that first big score at the table.

Insert Non-Lame Subject Title Here

In the deep dark archives of my personal poker blog is a collection of posts where I pointed readers to the very best blog posts from the past week. I began doing it per a request; as I had massive amounts of free time on my hands and could use it to weed through the grass, pluck the prettiest flowers, and present them in a vase. And in spite of that dorky analogy, I’ll be doing something similar here at Pokerblog.

Here’s where I need your help. I am terrible at coming up with post titles, typically choosing to select a line from whatever song I happen to be listening to at the moment. It works fine when writing about random crap, but not so much for column names. The only one I can come up for this column clearly references the “mothership”, as my co-bloggers refer to it, and something tells me that won’t go over well. So, hit me with your ideas. If I use yours, the next round of Tuaca is on me.

Cold Decked?

I play alot of online poker. Have played extensively at PokerStars — tournaments and ring games. I think this is a great site as far as their software and general operations are concerned. Problem is that nothing goes right for me at this site. Cold decked for hours, big hands rarely hold up, rarely complete draws, on and on and on. Anyone else have this problam at PokerStars, or is this just all in my head? Makes me wonder about PokerStars. Would appreciate any responses. Thanks.


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