Why does acne occur?(must read)

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Acne is often occurred in the period of youth, in general in their teens to age thirty occur, the youngest 10-year-old in the incidence, age maximum 40 years of age. But most people are in 17 ~ 18-year-old adolescent occurred.

Acne male more, but both men and women can occur, and some very serious. Acne generally occurs in the face, the majority of parts from the beginning of his forehead, after a gradual increase can be occurred in the Department of cheeks, and finally the amount of extension forehead to chest and neck.

In life are many factors that trigger acne, in their daily lives if we can avoid these factors, it will avoid or reduce the occurrence of acne. The following are several effects of acne or aggravating the occurrence of common factors: Sounds good? Check more to learn about best filler for face volume

(1) diet: certain foods, such as sweets, especially chocolate, fruits, sugar, sweet foods obvious; spicy foods to stimulate particularly evident, and some people eat spicy food today, tomorrow on the emergence of acne; fried food and oily food as well.

(2) constipation is a very bad habit to keep a daily bowel movement.

(3) should have sufficient sleep time, especially at night to sleep as soon as possible.

(4) to keep facial skin clean, not too much oily cosmetics.

(5) Some drugs may also promote the occurrence of acne, such as hormones, iodine, bromine, etc..

To sum up, for no occurrence of acne or less, in our daily lives we must pay attention to these factors.

Freckles will accompany you for life

Freckles are caused by a genetic pigment spot, the needle to a large grain of rice small brown spots scattered over the cheeks and bridge of the nose, the general began to appear in adolescence, is likely to be accompanied by a lifetime, this plaque should not rely on medication forced treatment, but With beauty cream skin care products can be slowly watered down.

Experts warn: freckles are caused by genetic and therefore can not be used off tens of millions of plaque acid product or products forced off spot, not only fail to speckle reducing effect on the skin instead of causing more harm.

Experts warn: freckles, while not curable, but the laser freckle freckle are currently the best one of the ways. The most common are the ruby laser, this light against the black and brown pigment, stain can absorb this type of laser, and decomposition.


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