P1nkUn1COrN Wins Full Tilt Poker game289 XX Event 35

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FTOPS XX Event #35 featured 278 entrants buying in for $500, in a 3X shootout. In this format, each player who made it to the final table had to win one table in a freezeout, win another table in a freezeout, then move onto the final table. The tournament lasted for approximately 6 hours total with Danish MTT pro P1nkUn1COrN taking the game289 jersey and $32,250.

With four players left and blinds at 4,000/8,000, it was P1nkUn1COrN with 380,000 in chips and the chiplead followed by uwe-uwesen with 187,000 in chips, 666dimka666 with 164,000 chips and degaren shortstacked with 88,000.

Uwe-uwesen started the final four by knocking out degaren with 99 versus 88 all in preflop, no help for 88. Uwe-uwesen won a 171,000 pot to make it three to go.

In the key hand of the final table, only a few hands later, P1nkUn1COrN  knocked out uwe-uwesen in surprising fashion. With blinds still at 4,000/8,000, P1nkUn1COrN min-raised to 16,000 preflop and got two callers. The board came out 8s 7s 5c 2c 3c. uwe-uwesen check called the flop and got all the money in on the turn. P1nkUn1COrN showed 6 9o for the flopped nut straight while uwe-uwesen showed A5o for third pair top kicker. P1nkUn1COrN won a 409,000 pot and took a massive cheap lead, never to look back.

Heads up began, P1nkUn1COrN with 688,000 in chips versus 666dimka666 with 140,000 in chips. With blinds still at $4k/$8k after losing a few pots 666dimka666 was down to 110K chips, about 10 effective big blinds. 666dimka666 shoved from the button with 9 10o and was called by P1nkUn1COrN with A3 offsuit. Ace high held to give P1nkUn1COrN the pot, the jersey and $32,250.

This FTOPS XX Event #35 win brings P1nkUn1COrN’s lifetime winnings to $680,891.44. The Danish MTT pro also plays as Bigoots on PokerStars. His largest win was $249,662 for first place in the Sunday Million Dec 19th, 2010. Great event, exciting finish. Stay tuned to FlopTurnRiver.com for all your FTOPS XX action!

Full Tilt Poker lost players from the United States, but FTOPS XX is still going strong. FTOPS XX Event 22 was a multi-entry, super stack, knockout-fest. The tournament drew over 10,000 entrants who all had their eye on the $165,000 top prize.

FTOPS XX Event 22 attracted several Full Tilt Pros. Vitaly Lunkin, Steve Yea, and James Akenhead were in attendance. Bruno Stefanelli, an Italian pro, made a deep run before exiting in 18th place. Stefanelli received almost $4,000 for his performance.

Almost 12 hours after the tournament began two players were headsup: obvisobv and 1millionbankrol. The players agreed to make a deal before obvisobv prevailed, knocking out 1millionbankrol. As a result of the deal, obvisobv took home almost $147,000. 1millionbankrol received $130,000 for his runner-up finish.

Ben “NeverScaredB” Wilinofsky, who has over $2 million in online tournament winnings, finished in 8th. Another notable name at the final table was Aditya “Internention” Agarwal. Agarwal exited 9th place but boasts over $3 million in winnings across the most popular poker sites.


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